Total Mug - for the big mug in your life

About Us

We are off spring of Pretty Pink Pearl Ltd who started life in 2007 as a t-shirt company.

In 2010 we decided why are we getting other people to produce our items when we could be doing it our selves, so we bought some new equipment and Total Mug was born along with another new baby

New for 2013 is our retail shop unit in the heart of Summer Wine Country Holmfith. So want to see our quality and service then we can be found at

Print Imp, 60a Huddersfield Road, Holmfith, Yorkshire, HD9 3AZ.

All the companies are under the over all control of Pretty Pink Pearl Ltd, which is owned and run by it founders Ms Teresa Millward and Ms Helen Brearley, who both have a passion and drive in every venture they undertake.

Total Mug is our site with capital ATTITUDE, where we want people to buy items that will make them laugh and share a joke with other.

You can never have enough laughter in your life.

Total Mug will have the marmite effect you will love it or hate it, but we will be trying to add full on attitude and also less attitude more finesse to the site.

If you do not like or need anything today that does not say you will not tomorrow or over the next year, so please do come back and say hello from time to time.

We are open to suggestion on any aspect of the site from more designs and items you would like to see, if you think we would like what you have to say, then pass your attitude our way at

See you around

Teresa and Helen