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Expo for Mattia (Charity)


Mattias parents Francesco and Simona, live in Naples with their two children Mattia and Nicolò. Unfortunately, Mattia was born with the ‘Sandhoff Syndrome’, a genetic, degenerative and lethal disease. They have created the ‘Mattia Fagnoni Association’, in order to raise funds to find a cure for this disease whilst providing support for those who would need it. In Italy, Mattia is the only one who suffers from Sandhoff Syndrome in Italy; so it’s even more difficult for them as they are alone and it’s hard to get practical advice. Through their research they have met many families around the world who have helped them understand Sandhoff Syndrome a little better.

Over the past year the Mattia Fagnoni Association has been focused on collecting artwork to help raise funds for further research.  This has been done by Francesco and Simona mainly on Facebook, the response has been unbelievable.  Over 1000 pieces of artwork have being donated for the Expo to be held in Naples during April/May 2011, by over 600 artists worldwide.  Showing unbelievable support for this amazing family from all the people they have come into contact with, whilst building a genuine global community of artists ready to help in any way they can. Donations for the Expo will stop on March 7 when full preparation for the Expo will begin.

‘Expo For Mattia’ will take place in Palazzo Filangieri a monumental building in Naples, situated on Via Atri.  It was built in the seventeenth century by Filangieri, one of the most important families of the Kingdom of Naples.  The palace was built in Baroque style, with a characteristic on which overlook the atrium open staircase and balcony. Both Goethe and Benedict Croce have loved in the building.





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